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Know the Market

I brought in three top agents to take a look at my house in Del Mar. Two of them low balled me $3.5M and just wanted to get it done so they would not need to work very hard. I knew it was worth $4.5M based on comps in the area, it was a unique house that required a specific buyer. Susie did her homework, agreed and put together a game plan. She listed the house, set up caravans, made calls to other brokers and marketed it big time. Hannah previewed it with brokers the evening before caravan, peaked an interest with a agent who had been looking for a unique home like this for two years. We closed 45 days later, full price. They do their homework, they know the market, they are honest as to what they can accomplish and they get it done! Can't say enough.

- S.G. (August 2016)